…Matsujun got decapitated in the night…

I was putting my mp3 player down in the dark and I keep paper Arashi realy close to my bed. I accidentally knocked him over and when I picked him up, I noticed he had no head.

So this morning I finally saw the damage I did xD

Poor Jun! He is the only one that I have to keep re-gluing! ….maybe because he is the closest one to my bed…and I always set my phone and mp3 player there in the dark….opps.

I was watching Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru in the car today and I couldn’t resist but make this adorable Jun face into a gif xD

Who can resist Hana Yori Dango?

Been on a long car ride with my parents, little brother and grandma so to pass the time I had been watching many different Arashi videos.

I was sitting next to my grandma so she could clearly see what I was watching and usually she just glanced and then would look outside the window. Last night I was watching the 5x10 concert and she saw the transparent outfits xDDD I’m surprised she didn’t comment.

Today though, I decided to rewatch some of my favorite episodes from Hana Yori Dango. I got to the elevator scene in episode 4 and I suddenly realized my grandma had been watching most of the time. Then when Makino falls she said, “Wow, this show is scary!!” I then went in to explain the basic plotline to HYD and she continued to watch a lot of it with me.

As we walked into the hotel later, my grandma said, “That show you were watching was very interesting.”

This goes to prove that nobody can resist HYD. Not even the older generation.

And I’ve decided I’m pretty much boss at converting people through HYD. Just ask Michelle, Hannah, Kristen….and many other of my friends xD

The sound that just came out of my mouth was not human…

VS Arashi #69 - 2009.08.15

How to get Arashi shimeji

A lot of people have been asking me where/how I got my mini Arashi desktop buddies (shimeji) and so I decided to make a little tutorial on where to get them. (it’s pretty simple).

First, here are some links to download them:

*EDITED* (hope it works now) http://masaki82.livejournal.com/5363.html  (click on the link in the first comment)  or http://filetram.com/mediafire/arashi-shimeji-zip-8807847467 (first two links don’t work anymore) or here - Lots of Arashi shimeji - double parka sho, kaibutsu-kun, nino, aiba in overalls, and come back to me jun

http://www.mediafire.com/?wnyh9bm2h7rfdi7 - Taboo Sho (includes Sakumoto kissing)

http://www.mediafire.com/?6zqet59ha9f6nio - Separate come back to me Jun

If anybody has any other links to download them, please share by either reblogging this with your link or tell me so I can add it :)   (I know there are more out there!)

After you download one of these shimejis, unzip the file (with winrar or 7zip, etc etc). Once the file is unzipped, click on the folder and then click on “shimeji.exe” and after a few seconds your shimeji should fallliterallyonto your desktop.

For this to work though, you do need to have java installed onto your computer!

Also as a note, I heard that mac users sometimes have more problems with this program. I’m not a mac user so I unfortunately can’t help if that is the issue ^^;


Want to stop using the shimeji?

The shimejis do take up space on your computer while running so if you ever want to close them right click on their icon on your taskbar (sometimes located in the “hidden icon” section) and then go down to the 5th option underneath the “IE” option (mine only shows blocks because my computer only reads some Japanese). This will stop the program. If you ever want to use the shimeji again, just click on the “shimeji.exe” file.

Too many shimeji?

Sometimes the shimeji multiply like rabbitsespecially when you have Sakumoto on there togetherand if you want to get rid of a few, just right click on one of them and click the “baibai” option (the only option).

If you have any other questions, just send me an ask and I can hopefully answer it ^^

I’m still looking for the magical song aiba, green shirt aiba and red shirt sho. If you know where I can get them, please let me know! Thanks! :D


I’m kind of addicted to these now….awwww Sakumoto!!

…my double parka Sho doesn’t duplicate very fast….kind of grateful for that because taboo Sho and Jun duplicate like crazy XD

Can I just say I’m freakin’ awesome?

So do you all remember that one roommate I complained about a month ago and how she was racist? Well, let’s just say she is Jun-biased now.

Yeah, I’m pretty awesome.

Anyway, even though she didn’t like my room because of all my Japanese posters, she would be curious what me and my other roommate Michelle were always watching (which would be Arashi of course).

One day she pointed to Jun on one of my posters and said “He’s cute.”

Both Michelle and I were like

As the days went on, she began watching some clips with us. I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to this…It was too much for me to even understand! Was she racist or not?

Then the moment came….we were watching an Arashi performance (I think it was Truth) and from the side, I hear a squeal…I look to my side and realized…it was her! She had fangirled over Jun!!!!

I didn’t even hold back, I died laughing.

Then recently Michelle had finished watching the two seasons of Hana Yori Dango for the first time and is beginning the movie (it’s midterms week so we haven’t gotten around to finishing it).

My roommate came in and asked, “What is that show you guys have been watching?”

We told her about Hana Yori Dango and how awesome it was with handsome Jun.

So now she is watching it. She just started but she is already halfway through episode 3 and you can hear her laughing in the other room.

Jun-baited anyone?

So moral of the story, I’m awesome. First Michelle, now my other roommate.

I’m really hope this makes her happy because we recently found out she has some depression stuff going on. Nothing cures depression better than sparkles, rainbows and Arashi!


Another Jun pic~~


This.. really scared the wits out of me

The music makes it even scarier XD