Ming monetiring his photoshoots seriously


Does it look like Zhou Mi? XD

donghae is bad at games u_u;;

@ryeong9: 빨개요 현아 화이팅^^! 귀여운 빠숑이랑

@ryeong9: Red Hyunah fighting^^! With cute Bbashyonggie (cr)

Sungmin proudly finishes a snickers bar ( ^ _ ^)∠☆

Kyuhyun and Donghae causing mass murder by wearing their glasses and ruffling their hair, as well as featuring cutie-pie Wook stealing the show. 

Aaron at Dongshih Summer Festival (20140727)
Aaron dancing and singing to ‘No Cut’ plus his ballads // credits


trans cr: mug_ping


thing i love the most about lmh: he sincerely enjoy entertaining people


oppa being smooth and proud of it like a little kid


City Hunter: Actual Scene vs BTS

140729 L Studio Official Update with Heechul & Puff