140424 - Sukira

-Ryeowook said he used to feel lonely sometimes-
Guest: now?
Ryeowook: of course not, I have ELF.
Guest: ELF?
Ryeowook: yes, SJ's fanclub.

140424 - Sukira

Ryeowook: I have a friend who has many brothers. I wanted that too. So, when I was young, I had many plush toys... Haha because I had no brothers, I used the plush toys as substitutes. Even until now, I still have those plush toys - giraffe plush toys. Seeing me like that, members tell me not to play with those anymore and to get a girlfriend. Having fans is enough though~

140412 D&E Kobe day 2 - Whipped~
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Hey, Super Guys!


Nekomiya ♥ (=^・^=)


Aaron’s 2014 Drama | 愛上兩個我 ♥ Fall in Love With Me

xiao lu goes to ‘buy herbal tea’ (ep3) ◆gifs by dearaaronyan

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