Aaron laughing at his own cold joke when the interviewer asked him whether he wants to get married (想婚 ‘xiang hun’)

Aaron’s omy.sg interview in Singapore (20140817)

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I know the “What am I doing feeling,” but you’re going to be amazing. However, you KNOW I was going to comment on this… asian movies?!

I hope so…….I always loved the idea of trying to live in a big city and now that I’m in one, it was bigger than I had even expected!!! I have already witnessed police holding a guy down against the ground. Although surprisingly not as much homeless people as back home. (but hey, I’m from California where unemployment is pretty much the worst). And yes asian movies lol. I get white, hicktown movies where I’m from!!! …..okay, maybe not. Just the regular ol’ American movies. But now I can take my obsession to the theater! Just like with GANTZ :D

Except nothing will be as good as seeing GANTZ dubbed in theaters. Good times, good times.

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Whelp, there is an advantage of living in a big city now….

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MBC Music Core with Henry 

[INFO] Aaron has confirmed that the girl who appeared in his NO CUT Dance Vers. MV teaser is Puff Kuo

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just lee jun ki after the kissing scene. 

It’s just a bunch of words, who cares if you’re strong or weak at it?

Reaction 101


Sakurai Sho @ MORE [2014.03]


@AllRiseSilver: Everybody check this out! ma first dance video! with won&kasper&beat burger!!!! youtu.be/_5IFVIfgKIk?list=PL5AB52D13F0F41DFA …

@donghae861015: Hyuk-ah, it’s cool ~~ Let me do it too, I want to do it. ㅎ

@siwon407: Oh.

@zhoumi_419: Ya……Hyukhyuhyukjae, this is really cool~ !!

@ryeong9: It’s Chocolate Bonbon ~~^^ good E !

I miss you so much and would be down to video chat at ANY time!

Yay!!! I miss you a ton too!!!! I’m moving this Friday so once I’m settled we should totally do it! :) 

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With both "incohesive" and your reaction to bugs and your dating site video... we love you too much to let it go.

Can’t forget watching me play (if that’s what you call it) Sonic too!

P.S. I think the 3 of us need to vid chat soon. I miss you guys T____T

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You knew exactly what I was talking about…….




….How many years has it been now and you guys STILL don’t let me live it down!!!!!